New England invites Thesus to celebrate April Fool’s Day

Over the weekend, New England and upstate New York had the pleasure of meeting Winter Storm Thesus on April’s Fools (Saturday). The cold air that was already in place combined with a low pressure in the Atlantic, right off the Jersey and Long Island coast. The storm dropped a good amount of snow and sleet with Vermont and Maine reporting snow accumulation into the teens. The stats from selected reports were given in the article.

Snow and Ice Reports

Here are selected snowfall and ice reports through Saturday evening:

  • Connecticut:  4.0 inches of snow in Acton; 012 inches of ice in Tolland
  • Maine:  13.4 inches in Steep Falls; 12.7 inches in Gray (NWS office); 10.8 inches in Portland
  • Massachusetts:  8.7 inches in Ashburnham and 1.6 inches in Boston; 2.0 inches of sleet in Barre; 0.25 inches of ice in Rutland
  • New Hampshire:  19.0 inches in Washington; 12.0 inches in Concord
  • New York:  8.5 inches in Elizabethtown and near Keene Valley; 0.10 inches of ice in Lake Pleasant
  • Pennsylvania:  0.13 inches of ice at the Pocono Mountains Airport
  • Vermont:  15.8 inches near Rochester; 13.0 inches in Killington; 6.7 inches in Burlington


The article also went on to reminisce about the Blizzard that hit the same area 20 years ago.  A low pressure system coming from the Ohio valley moved slowly over the region, leading to a steady snowfall averaging 3 inches per hour in some parts. Massachusetts received the brunt of the blizzard; half the state logged 10-20 inches and the other half, closer to the coast, reported 20-30 inches.

While Thesus may have been a rude introduction into a new month, it was certainly better than how New England started Spring in 1997.


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Winter Storm Niko Reaches the Northeast

Winter Storm Niko has hit the northeast, wreaking havoc on major cities like Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia. It has hit at least 9 states including: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Snow emergencies have been declared in Philadelphia and Boston. This storm has brought everything from high winds, ice, snowfall reaching 24″ in 24 hours, and even thundersnow in some places.

The results have been drastic, having already taken the life of a doorman shoveling snow in NYC who fell through a door. The New Jersey Turnpike has had its speed limits reduced to 35mph and the Connecticut State Police have received 600 calls, including those concerning 4 different wrecks, and many semi-trucks turned sideways due to hazardous conditions closed parts of I-95. People became stranded on Long Island and all around NYC as the snow and ice has inhibited travel. 4,000 flights across the country have been cancelled due to Niko. To add insult to injury, one of the de-icing trucks at a Connecticut airport caught fire, as the airport was shut down for several hours.

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Winter Storm Leo Strikes the Midwest

Winter Storm Leo has made its way to the midwest, where it has claimed the life of a driver in Iowa, due to the very treacherous road conditions. Many car accidents have been caused by this storm across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota because of the heavy amounts of snowfall. The snow also caused more problems for roads due to an avalanche in the Sierra Nevadas, not far from lake Tahoe. Two cars were hit by the avalanche, but no one was injured; although injuries from the high number of accidents is certainly being considered by schools and government offices that are considering closing due to the storm.