Water Main Break in Spotyslvania

Residents of Spotsylvania are currently under a Boil Water Advisory after a water main break along Route One. A pre-drafted notice was sent out to people living within the affected areas. There is not an estimated time when the water will be restored to full, non-hazardous levels but crews are on the job to isolate where the break happened. This same affected area was left without water early this morning.




On the county website, the above  map was posted to show the estimated reach of this hazard. There is also a copy of the notice that was sent out as well as directions and FAQs for information.

This water main break is occurring on the tail-end of the annual Water Flushing Program that started on March 20 of this year and was estimated to be completed sometime in May. Under the flushing program, water pumped to residents and businesses who use city/county water will be going through the disinfection process with a slight change where they will no longer be adding ammonia for about a month. No word as of now if the activity from the flushing program has anything to do with the break.

News Article:  http://www.fredericksburg.com/news/business/main-break-shuts-off-water-along-u-s-in-spotsylvania/article_b5892644-2692-11e7-8a99-53925878a064.html

Map of affected areas:  http://www.spotsylvania.va.us/filestorage/21027/30276/119/32916/35486/BWN.pdf

Flushing Program:  http://www.spotsylvania.va.us/filestorage/20925/21015/21972/24286/24322/Flushing_FLS_ad_2017_(City_and_County).pdf