Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Strikes off the Coast of Papua New Guinea; Tsunami Alert Issued

On Monday morning local time (Sunday night in the U.S.) , a 7.5 magnitude earthquake stuck 34 miles southeast of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea. The U.S. Geological Survey reported the earthquake’s magnitude as a 7.7 with a depth of 25 miles. Shortly after the earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was a potential tsunami threat of dangerous waves possible within a span of 621 miles along the coasts of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. However, this threat has since past since the earthquake hit on Monday. A Papua New Guinea’s National Disaster Center official said there have been no damage or injuries reported in result of the earthquake. However, after the initial tremor 13 aftershocks have been reported in the nearby areas, ranging from 4.6 to 5.7 in magnitude.


(Kokopo is located south east of Rabaul, New Britian on map)th




House Hunters Hawaii- Hazards Edition

I was watching a House Hunters episode a few days ago and a couple was buying a house in Hawaii. They wanted to live on the big island to avoid tourists. However, it is also the location of an active volcano!

The commentary explained that there are three different levels of lava zones, and that the first house was in lava zone 2. The realtor explained, “Don’t worry. The house won’t become covered in lava because it will catch on fire first.” Comforting.

The second house was farther away from the lava flow and had a nice view of the ocean. Because it was closer to the water, they would have had to buy tsunami insurance. There would have also been issues with corrosion. The realtor did mention how living in the area wasn’t “all it’s cracked up to be” due to these concerns.

At the third house, they didn’t even mention the hazards involved, so I am ignorantly going to assume that it was the safest.

THE DECISION- They did choose the third house! But in their reasoning, they didn’t mention anything about avoiding lava or tsunamis. They seemed barely concerned throughout the show. I guess they are just lucky that the safest house was also the cheapest?

Update on Earthquake in Japan- Tsunami To Hit

After “one of the largest earthquakes to hit Japan for many years,” tsunami warnings have been issued. Officials are anticipating up to a 33ft wave. The warning has been extended to the Philippines, Indonesia and the Pacific coast of Russia.

It will be interesting to see how long it took from the earthquake until the tsnuami reaches land.
In the BBC video, the reporter is questioning a resident who discusses some of the damage of the earthquake. He says that he saw some buildings sway and watched on TV buildings that were on fire.
According to CNN, the earthquake has caused a power outage in about 4 million homes in Tokyo and surrounding areas.
In the BBC video, you can see that water filled with debris, cars and ships is being swept toward the highways.
Toyko had experienced earthquakes in the days prior, but certainly not at this magnitude.

Undersea Volcano Threatens Italy

It appears as if Europe’s largest underwater volcano is going to erupt at any moment in the next few days. The eruption would unleash a very powerful tsunami that would engulf southern Italy.
“The Marsili volcano, which is bursting with magma, has “fragile walls” that could collapse, Enzo Boschi told the leading daily Corriere della Sera.”
Boshci goes on to say that the volcano is not structurally solid, its walls are fragile, the magma chamber is of sizeable dimensions. All that tells us is that the volcano is active and could begin erupting at any time.
This volcano has not erupted since the start of recorded history.
It should be noted that experts are saying there is a real risk of this happening but it is still hard to evaluate. Although, citizens of Southern Italy should still take the necessary precautions in advance of a potential tsunami.