Southern Weather Storms: Update

The severe weather expected in the Southeastern states has started, kicking off with a tornado that touched down and travelled through Goodman, Missouri on Tuesday night.  Local news channels have reported two people injured and damage to the fire department, an elementary school, and parts of the downtown area. Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported. The tornado was assigned an EF – 2 rating by the National Weather Service based on a damage survey of the area. The town was under a  tornado warning last night.

As the impending storms begin, the more southern states have began preparing for the severe weather. The Governor of Alabama declared a state of emergency Tuesday in anticipation of Wednesday’s forecasts. 50 National Guard soldiers have also been deployed to the area to assist any rescue and recovery efforts during the warning. Schools were closed as well in an effort to keep everyone safe and off the roads.

The PGA Master’s Tour in Augusta, Georgia had to suspend a practice round as storms began around 11am this morning. Warner Robins, a town in central Georgia, is using Facebook as a means of communicating to local residents that they’re city hall has opened the doors to be used as a storm shelter.

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Severe Weather Causes Damage to Charlotte

Violent storms ripped through the greater Charlotte area taking with it the metal roof off at least one building, damaged dozens of homes, knocked down countless trees, leaving thousands without power and injuring a small number of people Sunday night in North Carolina.
Hundreds of lightning strikes have been reported, as well as high winds, hail and heavy rain. The high winds were said to have damaged at least 20-30 homes were damaged. The lightning strikes caused one house to go up in flames. Trees were knocked down all over the area. Tornado watches and warnings were issued throughout the night to warn the citizens of the area.