Wildfire in Florida Causes Highway Closures

A wildfire in Orange City, Florida next to the I-4 caused some lane closures and a huge traffic jam. There are actually three fires which are being fought by multiple fire units from surrounding areas, which were first reported at 1:43 pm. The fire is in the westbound lane causing traffic to be backed up for miles, with eastbound traffic also being affected. Officials have claimed that 350 acres have already been blackened the flames. While the fire chief from Orange City has stated that the fires have been contained, the winds have shifted. Meanwhile the Florida Traffic Patrol has released a warning saying that the fire, wind and smoke conditions are subject to sudden change which could lead to more closures and worsening traffic. The Florida Traffic Patrol advises that the roads in these areas should be avoided.

It is not uncommon for Florida to have wildfires, but the fact that this one was right next to what sounds like a major highway sounds unreal to me, as someone from Virginia. It is also frightening to think that this fire was so close to so many people who really had no way to escape or anywhere to go. What I have the hardest time imagining is driving on a highway and turning to my left to see a massive fire just roaring on the side of the road. The good news is that it sounds as though the fires are being contained, the bad news is that winds are shifting and that means the fire is going to get more unpredictable. However this report was from a couple of hours ago and nothing new has been reported or written so I am guessing that the situation is much the same as it was when this report was written. I find it interesting that this report seems to be more about the traffic jam, and closed lanes than the actual fire.