Earthquake in Navarra, Spain

This article is in Spanish, but you can easily translate it by plugging it into Google translate. Most of the facts will be obvious to an English-speaking reader without relying on outside resources, however. (Sorry, I’m a Spanish major so “El País” is a news source I use a lot!)

On March 10th of this year, a 4.4 scale earthquake hit the Autonomous Community of Navarra in Northern Spain (in the Pyrenees, bordering France). The best-known city in this area is Pamplona, where they host the famous Running of the Bulls. According to the article, there was some property damage; several people reported broken windows and other household objects. Luckily, there were no fatalities reported, and apparently no injuries. I imagine the experience was somewhat like our experience in the late-summer of 2011: extremely surprising, and disruptive in many cases to be sure, but not at all detrimental. Scary, shocking, but not devastating. I’m sure the bulls will be running just fine come summer!

Fun vocab word of the day: terremoto = earthquake. Make sure you roll the R sound!