Major Flash Flood Threat Looms in Mississippi Valley

The current round of thunderstorms hitting the Mississippi River Valley has been severe, and have already caused some flash flooding in parts of the Orzaks. There has already been one water rescue in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and several roads in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri have been shut down due to flooding. Despite this, the major threat comes from this coming weekend, with flood warnings encompassing much of the mid-west region.

The general timeline for this weekend’s flooding is as follows:

  • “Through early Thursday: From northeast Texas, northern Louisiana and western Mississippi to as far north as Illinois
  • Friday night/early Saturday: From the mid-Mississippi Valley to Oklahoma, particularly the Ozarks
  • Saturday and Saturday night: From east Texas and western Louisiana to Illinois and Missouri
  • Sunday and Sunday night: From the middle and lower Mississippi Valleys into parts of the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys.”

The greatest potential heavy rain threat spans the Ark-La-Tex region north through the Mississippi River Valley, goign as far as southern Ohio. This threat is expected to stay through late Sunday, keeping the potential for flash floods high.


Rain in Haiti Causing Floods

I came across an interesting video on on the flooding going on in Haiti. The rain is causing mass flooding and swamp like conditions in refugee type villages cause by the massive earthquake. The flooding is making it much harder on the Haitians trying to get their lives back in order and destroying the belongings they have left. There is also a greater potential for disease to spread throughout the area due to the mud and rain and there being no place to put their food. The worse rain season is not suppose to hit Haiti until mid-April, so one would think even more flooding is on the way.