Small Earthquakes Hit California Coast

A small earthquake hit central¬†California earlier today. ¬†About 3 miles east of Santa Barbra, California, a little after 11 am local time the quake rattled the area. The magnitude was clocked at 3.6 according to the U.S. Geological Survey, and there has not been any reports about damages or injuries so far. There has been an influx of reports from hundreds of people on the geological survey’s website saying that they have felt the shaking nearly 60 miles north of the of Santa Barbra in Lompoc and as far south as Los Angeles County.

In addition, there was another earthquake of the same magnitude 3 km outside of Montecito, California at around 11:30 am local time. This may be why the geological survey website had reports of shaking so far south, but at this point it’s hard to tell.


Monster Storm in California

Southern California is experiencing a winter storm in the midst of the ongoing California drought. According to the Los Angeles Times, winter storm Leo has brought a record rainfall of 3.87 inches. A deluge, aka a flood, is expected after a drought in typical California weather patterns. The change from a drought to a flood has caused mudslides, which can kill people and destroy buildings. It is already reported that a few people have gone missing, including a toddler and an 18 year old whose car was “plunged into a rushing creek”. According to the Weather Channel, two people have died already. There was also a truck driver who slammed into a mudslide on Highway 17 and had to be towed away. There are other smaller mudslides, but they have not caused any damage yet.

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