Small Earthquake(s) in Mt. Gambier


“Humans make great seismologists — we are pretty sensitive. We feel every little bump that goes off.”

There were two earthquakes felt by the residents in Wandilo, Australia, a city located north-west of Mount Gambier. The tremors were so small, they went undetected by the seismograph. Rather, the scientists in charge of the Geoscience Australia website learned about the earthquakes from residents who reported it on the webpage. The scientists estimate that the initial tremor could be felt about 25 kilometers away from the estimated epicenter.

The second earthquake, occurring at roughly 5pm (local time) may have just been a secondary quake linked to the first one. The data from the monitors will let them know if it was a true, independent case or not.

This is the second (and possibly third) earthquake of the year for this area. The first occurrence was in early February.



Tropical Cyclone Smashes Australian Coast

A tropical cyclone hit the Australian coast bringing with it winds of up to 200 kilometers an hour. The strong winds ” The cyclone made landfall near Queensland’s Whitsunday islands damaging buildings, washing yachts ashore, downed trees, ripped air-conditioning units from the wall and cutting power to thousands of homes. Officials have stated that there were no deaths or serious injury caused directly due to the landfall of the cyclone. However, earlier in the weekend, a surfer competing in the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships in Queensland died after he was knocked unconscious and disappeared in wild surf whipped up by the cyclone.

Hundreds of tourists and residents were evacuated from islands on the Great Barrier Reef, while dozens of popular tourist beaches were shut due to dangerous surf conditions.
“We are characterizing it as a significant event with severe damage in some pockets, but not a catastrophic event,” One official was quoted as saying.
The Bureau of Meteorology said the storm, since downgraded to a rain depression, was now below cyclone strength after weakening rapidly after hitting land.