East Coast Faces Coastal Storm

A coastal storm is coming up the east coast from Florida. It is bringing rain and snow in some areas. The storm is going a variety of warnings like flood warnings, winter storm warnings and high wind warnings throughout the entire coast. Areas from Salisbury, MD to Boston, MA will be heavily impacted. The rain and cold temperatures in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas is the result of this storm as it travels up the coast.  The storm is supposed to dissipate by Tuesday night.


Link: https://weather.com/news/weather/video/coastal-storm-likely-to-bring-heavy-snow-flooding-and-damaging-winds


Closures due to Snow Blizzard in North Dakota

A snow blizzard has been disrupting areas in North Dakota for the last three days, and as of yesterday (04/14), schools, government offices and many businesses have had to shut down due to the extreme weather. Flights were cancelled, highways were shut and school learning switched to online. The city of Bismarck has experienced up to 1 foot of snow and Dickinson and Glenburn have had around 2 feet. Snow of this magnitude is not a common occurrence for this region to experience during April and so the Emergency Operations Centre has been activated. Moreover, the state has experienced drought in recent months so the precipitation will help with this prolonged dryness that North Dakota has been suffering with.



Spring Storm for Northern Plains

The northern area of the US has been hit with a spring blizzard. Meteorologists have posted a blizzard warning for a large section of western North Dakota, and smaller areas of western South Dakota and eastern Montana starting Tuesday. Forecasters are expecting the weather to reach between one and two feet of snow with some areas experiencing lesser amounts. Meteorologist Brandon Buckingham expresses the Black Hills of South Dakota can average 10 to 20 inches of snow in the month of April. The snow could be helpful to parts of western North Dakota as the US Drought Monitor map shows the region is abnormally dry or in some form of a drought. 


Updated on Winter Storm in California

This post is an update on the “Winter Storm hits Southern California” post made by lhardford. Previous to this storm, California was stricken with a drought. This storm brought rains and mountain snows to the state. The Santa Cruz and and Big Sur mountains had snow totals ranging from 2-4+ inches, but was forecasted to be over 18 inches before the storm hit. The highest rainfall totals in Southern California were about 2 inches+. In Eastern Sierra, the Mammoth Mountain resort reported receiving 7-8 inches of snow. In the San Bernadino Mountains (East of Los Angeles), there were reports of 3-5 inches of snow from this storm. The original poster mentioned that two people and a dog were rescued from the Los Angeles River, and there’s now more information on what happened with that. Rescuers were trying to rescue a woman and her dog, but the dog got away. A man jumped in to save the dog, but then he ended up having to be rescued, and later on specially trained water rescue firefighters got the dog safely!


Winter Storm hits Southern California

A winter storm hit San Francisco Bay yesterday afternoon (03/28) and has spread east and south overnight with records of rain reaching 2.5cm in Santa Rosa. Weather advisories were issued by the National Weather Service in Sierra Nevada where 6-8 inches of snowfall is expected to fall at elevations of 6,000 feet – this storm is said to bring in the biggest totals that the area has seen in some time. Moreover, Southern California is also expected to receive snow – up to 18 inches but at higher elevations (mountainous). Evacuations were ordered over fears of debris flows from hillsides in Orange County, however streets were then flooded but no major damage was done. Two people and a dog were trapped in the flow of the Los Angeles River in San Fernando Valley as the storm caused fast rushing waters through the inaccessible channel, but they were successfully rescued by the LA Fire Department.



‘Bomb Cyclone’ to Dump Snow From Mississippi to Maine

A powerful, late-winter storm combining rivers of moisture and frigid temperatures is expected to dump snow from the Deep South all the way north to the Canadian border over the weekend.

With snowfall totals ranging from about 4 inches in northern parts of Alabama and Mississippi to about 13 inches in northern Maine, the storm could cause travel problems and power outages across a wide part of the Eastern United States.


Watching a potential winter storm for Northern Virginia on Saturday

This Saturday, a strong cold front is expected to move over Virginia, bringing with it heavy rain, strong wind, and the potential for some snow later in the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to drop from the mid 50s to the mid to low 30s, the timing of which could lead to more or less snow. Although the snow is not expected to accumulate at this time, the strong winds and rain from earlier in the day could lead to hazardous driving conditions and delays. Wind gusts could be as high as 50+ mph.


Storm Franklin to hit the UK days after Storm Eunice

Storm Franklin hit Ireland and the UK just days after Storm Eunice blasted its way across the North Atlantic. Storm Franklin is expected to have similar impacts to Storm Eunice, including high sustained winds and gusts over 100 MPH, high surf, widespread power outages, and uprooted trees.

Polar Vortex gives no rest for the North Atlantic as a New Monster Storm Franklin heads for Ireland and UK on Sunday, followed by another Bomb Cyclone for Iceland on Monday

Storm Eunice Lashes UK

In the early hours of today (02/18) and currently continuing, Storm Eunice is said to have been one of the worst UK storms in three decades with parts of the UK experiencing 122mph winds. Most parts of the UK were issued a red warning for winds and institutions, flights and trains were closed/cancelled. At least two people have been injured and a man has died in Ireland from a falling tree. People are being urged to stay home and many infrastructures and homes are being damaged such as London’s O2 Arena which has had parts of its roof shredded.


Link to the BBC article as it updates throughout the day: https://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-60421388


Snow postpones Winter Olympic events

The Winter Olympics in Beijing have postponed two events and other scheduled trainings due to snow. In an event such as the Winter Olympics one might assume that snow would be the last thing to cause cancellations to events. This was not the case as Slopestyle snowboarding events and training runs were rescheduled due to real snow on the courses. Shovels and leaf blowers were used to remove the real snow that lay on top of the artificial snow. Other events such as the 4x10km relay (cross-country skiing) saw 20 minute time increases over the last winning time in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. In addition to the courses, other changes were present in the region including chains on the tires of buses shuttling spectators. It’s fascinating to see how snow significantly impacts the events of a program designed around winter weather sports.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/12/sports/olympics/beijing-games-snow.html