Eight Tornados Spotted in Kentucky

A strong thunderstorm in Louisville, Kentucky, resulted in bringing not one, not four, but eight tornados with it this past Wednesday April 13. These tornados were classified as E-1 to E-2 with 80 to 100 mph winds.  Luckily, these tornados did not cause mass destruction and missed most developments.  Only homes and barns where damaged but salvageable while cars were totals and trees uprooted.  This did however, leave many in this area without power while poles were down



Intense Storm Turns Deadly in India

Lightning strikes in north India: All you need to know about phenomenon | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

After a recent lightning storm hit India on April 14th, there has been reports of 11 dead with and over 20,000 homes/ business damaged within 529 villages.  This has left many going to refuges for shelter.  The storm lasted a two days with wind speeds from 35 to 45 mph and gusts up to 70 mph.  This resulted in uprooted trees and powerlines.  Sadly a 15-year-old boy lost his life after being struck by lightning.   Today India still has a 70% chance of rain with only 6 mph winds, making it had for the country to start its rebuilding process.  Intense lightning storms not unusual for this area as 60 people have lost their lives back in 2021 from a previous storm.





severe storm strikes Arkansas

On Wednesday, April 13, many tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings were issued in Arkansas. On Monday, the EF1 tornados were seen as the storm begins and this Wednesday, the storm is seen as a level 3 or 4 out of 5. The storm is this level because of a potent cold front moving through the area with all modes of severe weather possible as well. The storm has caused thousands of residents to lose power and led to the death of a 20-year-old female who was pinned under a tree, during the storm.



Tornados struck Taopi, Minnesota

A small town named Taopi in Minnesota about 120 miles south of the Twin Cities was hit by tornados in a severe storm. On Tuesday, surveyors from the National Weather Service confirmed that there were four tornadoes that touched ground in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Many homes, buildings, cars, and trees were damaged. The National Weather Service states that the tornado that hit Taopi was an EF-2 with winds that peaked at 132 miles per hour.


Fourth Straight Week of Severe Storms for the South

For the fourth week in a row, the southern United States will see severe thunderstorms move through. These storms will include hazards such as heavy rains and flooding, tornadoes, strong winds, and hail. Also included in this storm will be heavy snowfall in the northern mid-west. The heavy snowfall combined with heavy winds will lead to white out conditions, making travel hazardous.


Mudslides kill 14 in heavy rains in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state

On April 2, 2022, heavy rains caused mudslides that killed at least 14 people in the southern coastal cities and the Baixada Fluminense area of Rio de Janeiro state. The mudslides blocked streets and left entire neighborhoods without electricity. The colonial coastal town that is a tourist attraction was also left without electricity. The country experienced 2 days of rains which caused the streets to also flood. Streets were turned into rivers in several cities. The flood also swept up cars. As a result of climate change, this tragedy is pretty common in the rainy seasons, especially in less fortunate areas. Experts say as the hotter atmosphere holds more water, global warming increases the risk and intensity of flooding from extreme rainfall. The federal government has sent military aircrafts to help with the local rescue effort.




Severe Storms Strike the South

As of others have mentioned in the past few days, severe storms have battered the South. According to an article in the New York Times 5 tornadoes were recorded in Mississippi and at least 1 in South Carolina. As the United States enters tornado season (can occur at any time) residents of Southern states in the U.S. may be ill prepared for such events. Often time on the East Coast the thought of a tornado occurring and being a threat is highly disregarded. Additionally many in states such as Mississippi may not have the funds to prepare for such an event. The cost of retrofitting homes with shelters and safe rooms may seem like a burden that is outweighed by the perceived risk. Regardless, no deaths were recorded from these incidents. Sadly, a man in Texas lost his life when a tree fell on his home and killed him. The widespread enhanced threat of severe weather issued by the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center covered Southern South Carolina to the Panhandle of Florida. As storms strengthen with global climate change it is imperative that critical infrastructure such as hospitals are outfitted to withstand and deal with these cases of severe weather.

Attached below is a clip posted to TikTok from South Eastern Georgia that has amassed almost 24 million views at the time of this post:


got a little windy today on the south east coast

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Article link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/05/us/severe-weather-forecast-south.html

One Person now Killed in Georgia amid Damaging Storms in the South

There is now one other person who has died due to the damaging storms, high winds and tornadoes in and around the south – one dead in Georgia and the other in Texas. Another day of dangerous violent weather has been warned by authorities – yesterday (04/05) experienced hail among the other weather hazards previously mentioned.

The woman who died in Pembroke, Georgia was as a result of a tornado which also ripped off the roof of the Bryan County courthouse, destroyed the entrance to the local government building and damaged homes. Other people were also injured in Savannah, 30 miles west from Pembroke. Moreover, within 2 minutes of a citizen hearing the tornado sirens, the tornado was seen towering over the interstate in the distance where everyone on the highway then had to slam on their brakes.

There was also lightning damage in Wetumpka, Alabama as a result of the storm and Columbia, South Carolina had evacuation warnings for a tornado. Today (04/06) the damaging weather is moving further north, including Atlanta and Tennessee.


Severe Thunderstorms Warning in South for 3rd Week in a Row

This is the third week in a row where areas of the South have a severe thunderstorm warning. There are concerns about tornados, hail and winds which would damage structures and could cause harm to humans. There were severe thunderstorms and tornados from March 21-23. The system is supposed to hit areas of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi. This is not the first time severe storms have hit these areas recently. From March 21st to 23rd, storms hit parts of New Orleans and Texas and caused damage. The increase in storms may have set a new record for March.


Link: https://weather.com/storms/severe/news/2022-04-01-severe-weather-forecast-early-april


More Severe Weather for the Southern US

These storms will look a lot like the severe thunderstorms that affected the area last week. Hazards to be expected out of this storm include widespread damaging winds in excess of 75 mph, tornadoes, large hail, and flash flooding. A sharp dip in the jet stream is driving these storms south, and will arrive in our area on Thursday.