Downpour in Florida caused Car Pileup in Florida

A 43 car pileup occurred on State Road 408 in Orlando, Florida after a downpour. The downpour was unexpected, so commuters were caught off guard when visibility decreased significantly, causing the pileup. The road also became slick during the downpour, adding to the situation. Surprisingly, only one person need to be transported to the hospital after the pileup. The storm arrived earlier than expected so the National Weather Service had not given a warning yet.


Intense Storm Turns Deadly in India

Lightning strikes in north India: All you need to know about phenomenon | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

After a recent lightning storm hit India on April 14th, there has been reports of 11 dead with and over 20,000 homes/ business damaged within 529 villages.  This has left many going to refuges for shelter.  The storm lasted a two days with wind speeds from 35 to 45 mph and gusts up to 70 mph.  This resulted in uprooted trees and powerlines.  Sadly a 15-year-old boy lost his life after being struck by lightning.   Today India still has a 70% chance of rain with only 6 mph winds, making it had for the country to start its rebuilding process.  Intense lightning storms not unusual for this area as 60 people have lost their lives back in 2021 from a previous storm.

Sydney, Australia’s Going on Round Three of Flooding

Sydney floods: Two killed and thousands forced to evacuate - BBC News

Sydney Australia is currently in its 3rd major flooding event after 48 hours of rain.  While in attempts to move cattle to higher grounds, the flash flood resulted in having to leave two horses behind.  In better news two kids where rescued from the back of a car after the parent drove in too deep.  Just in the month of April the city has already received its yearly average rainfall of 1,223.8 mm.  The rivers are rising by 13 meters almost daily and the nearby dam is currently spilling into the river adding to the problem.  Australia hasn’t seen this kind of flooding since 1998.  Shops and business are barricading their outer layer walls in preparation of the quickly rising water, while others along the river has been ordered to evacuate immediately.   Looking into the weather forecast, there is high percentages of rainfall daily all next week.

2022 Australian Flooding



An Update on South Africa’s Storm

An update on the South African Storm, the last mention stated that the deaths were up to 250, currently, they are up to 306 in the city of Durban, South Africa. This storm is in fact the deadliest storm South Africa has ever seen. As the heaviest rains in 60 years pummelled Durban’s municipality, hillsides have washed away, homes and buildings have collapsed, and more people and more and more people went missing. What was spoken in the last mention of this storm is definitely true, Global warming and storms such as this in South Africa really do pose an impending threat towards less developed countries and they must receive help in becoming more prepared for such events in the future.

South African Storms Update

The last mention of the storm system in South Africa noted a couple dozen deaths. At the time of writing, new reports claim over 250 deaths due to flooding from an incredible 2 feet of rain across portions of South Africa. Rain has spanned from Saturday to this past Tuesday as heavy rainfalls has inflicted mass erosion, landslides, and widespread flooding leaving many homeless and stranded. Officials in the impacted areas have stated that over 6,000 buildings and shacks have been destroyed indicating heavy infrastructure damage from dwellings that were not equipped to deal with the level of rain seen. As the rain has subsided, officials have urged residents of low lying areas to seek higher elevation as water levels from rivers are expected to swell and continue to rise over the next few days. More importantly, critical infrastructure such as cell towers and medical centers have been damaged causing recovery issues that will certainly lead to further complications over the next few weeks as recovery efforts continue. The significance of this event is substantial considering this is the deadliest storm in South African history. Global warming and the subsequent appearance of higher magnitude storms at an increased frequency pose an imminent threat to those that are unprepared and indicate the need to adjust preparation parameters for such events in the future.

South Africa floods: deadliest storm on record kills over 250 people | South Africa | The Guardian



Flooding and Mudslides in Durban, South Africa

For the past several days, heavy rains have soaked the areas surrounding Durban, South Africa. Some areas have received more than a foot of rain in the past 24 hours, which is much higher than the 3 inches Durban usually receives in the entire month of April. More than a dozen people have died from the resulting floods. Several roads in Durban have been shut down to either high water or that the roads have been partially or completely washed away. Mudslides that resulted from the heavy rains have washed away several homes. Rescue teams continue to look for survivors. The flooding and mudslides even caused electricity and water treatment plants to shut down or go offline, leaving thousands without power or water.

Floods and Landslides Leave 12 Dead in Colombia

On April 07, 2022, the municipality of Abriaqui, Colombia experienced heavy rainfalls causing major floods and landslides in the area. About 12 people were killed and 10 were injured after the incident. Families were required to evacuate and roads affected, were blocked off. Across other big cities such as La Quiebra, Medellín and Bello, homes were damaged and destroyed. Many residents are still managing to recover from the major destruction done in the country. 

Floods and Landslides Leave 18 Dead in Rio de Janiero

On the night of Thursday, March 31, Rio de Janiero began experiencing record-breaking rainfall. The rains lasted from Thursday through Saturday, April 2, and Paraty, a coastal city in Rio de Janiero, received 322 millimeters of rain, which is its six-month rainfall average. In just 48 hours, the Rio de Janiero mainland received twice that, totaling at 655 millimeters of rain. Resulting floods and landslides have caused the deaths of many people across the state’s affected municipalities, with the total rising to 18 dead as of Tuesday, April 4. Over 70 families have been displaced, with over 200 total families being affected. The local government declared a State of Public Calamity on Saturday, which, as of Monday, the federal government recognized in order to send aid to the affected areas more quickly.

Updated on Winter Storm in California

This post is an update on the “Winter Storm hits Southern California” post made by lhardford. Previous to this storm, California was stricken with a drought. This storm brought rains and mountain snows to the state. The Santa Cruz and and Big Sur mountains had snow totals ranging from 2-4+ inches, but was forecasted to be over 18 inches before the storm hit. The highest rainfall totals in Southern California were about 2 inches+. In Eastern Sierra, the Mammoth Mountain resort reported receiving 7-8 inches of snow. In the San Bernadino Mountains (East of Los Angeles), there were reports of 3-5 inches of snow from this storm. The original poster mentioned that two people and a dog were rescued from the Los Angeles River, and there’s now more information on what happened with that. Rescuers were trying to rescue a woman and her dog, but the dog got away. A man jumped in to save the dog, but then he ended up having to be rescued, and later on specially trained water rescue firefighters got the dog safely!