Case Study Summary Schwaiger

I chose to write about the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland because I grew up in Germany, and was directly impacted by this eruption.  This volcanic eruption took place over the course of several months in 2010, and can be divided into three distinct stages.  The second stage of this eruption expelled fine ash particles over eight kilometers into the air, and wholly disrupted air travel between the Americas and Europe.  While the eruption itself yielded only minimal danger to the populous of Iceland, the ash cloud created of the second phase of this election affected the Northern hemisphere as a whole.

Aftereffects of Cyclone Debbie

Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland on 28 April, but the aftermath of the storm is being evaluated as worse than the storm itself.  The Guardian has compiled images of the flooding and its effects, specifically in Rockhampton:

BBC News has additionally begun to talk about the reasoning behind the ‘delayed’ damage of the storm, as well as speaking to previous disasters with similar effects:


High Winds Investigated As Cause of Crash

The Chesapeake Bay  Bridge Tunnel has seen its share of accidents, but Thursday, February 9, 2017 saw a tractor-trailer plunge into the Bay.  Despite a quick rescue by the U.S. Navy, the driver died in transit to the hospital.  The crash is under investigation following travel restrictions on the Bridge Tunnel due to winds in excess of 60mph in the area.

Find the full article here

Preventing Evaporation in California


In an effort to fight the continuing drought in California, black plastic balls have been released to cover water reservoirs to prevent evaporation and preserve water.  After a series of complex and expensive ideas, these balls were manufactured and released, costing taxpayers little. The balls can stay for ten years before being collected and replaced.