Nigeria issues “hazardous” weather warning to pilots

 On Wednesday Nigeria issued a warning to all pilots and airline operators in the country to comply with directives on the recent inherent danger associated with severe thunder storms in the country. It was based on the 2017 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency.  The hazards are micro-burst, low level wind shears and hail events.


Tornado, Flooding, Hail, move into Midwest & South

Parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas have been experiencing tornados, flooding and hail. The tornados went through parts of Oklahoma while not particularly strong they still amassed damage. Parts of Missouri have been and are expected to receive more flooding as the severe weather moves in. Parts of Texas reported golf-ball sized hail.

Coastal flood advisories along the South Jersey shore

Coastal flood advisories have been issued along the New Jersey coast and also for Delaware Bay from 6 p.m. through midnight Tuesday for widespread minor tidal flooding. Easterly winds blowing off the ocean with what the article says new moon, together make a flooding situation. The Tuesday high tide is looking to be problematic for the flooding. Rain on Tuesday with the easterly winds of more than 30 mph also threaten to cause m ore severe flooding.

Coastal flood advisory for minor tidal flooding Tuesday evening

Seattle Breaks Record

Seattle has recorded its wettest October through April since records have been kept. While this isn’t a large hazard, it is important to think about the implications of all this precipitation in regards to Global warming. Also if this trend continues there could be higher flooding and other consequences.