The 2011 Mississippi river floods was one  of the most destructive and expensive natural disasters in United States history. The 2011 Mississippi River floods were a result of two massive storm systems that produced record levels of rainfall all across the United States, and a winter that dumped large amounts of snow on the midwest. Floods on the Mississippi occur all the time, but the 2011 Mississippi flood was a 500 year flood. This means that a flood of this size only happens once every 500 years. Although the population along the Mississippi is we aware of the flooding issue, they are still very vulnerable. Many of the areas on the Mississippi are some of the poorest areas in the United states of America. In particular the areas in along the southern Mississippi River. The total death toll from the floods itself are 11 people, however, in the storms preceding the floods, 392 people died. According to the Mississippi River and Tributaries System post flood report, there was an estimated 2.8 Billion dollars in flood damage. 21,000 structures were destroyed. The areas along the mississippi river are some of the poorest areas in the nation, so this flood impacted them more than it would have otherwise. The  Mississippi River and Tributaries System post flood report claims that without the  Mississippi River and Tributaries System, there would have been $234 Billion  in damages and over 1.5 million residential and commercial structures would have been destroyed. I choose this event because i had not even heard about it before, despite it being so destructive, and i wanted to learn more about it.

Floods Spread South along the Mississippi River


Floods Spread South along the Mississippi River


Scientists have discovered vast systems of flowing water in Antarctica. And that worries them.

The Ice Sheet that covers Antarctica has large networks of rivers and lakes, but scientists have only just discovered them. Glaciologist Alison Banwell from The University of Cambridge said the following about the research “A handful of previous studies have documented surface lakes and streams on individual ice shelves over a span of a few years,”  she also said “But the authors’ work is the first to extensively map meltwater features and drainage systems on all of Antarctica’s ice shelves, over multiple decades.” Scientists say that all of this flowing water could increase the rate the ice sheet melts. Meltwater destabilizes glaciers and that is what is worrying scientists.

The melting of Antarctica is a massive contributor ti the raising sea levels, which in the future, will have huge effects on coastal communities. The raising sea level will trigger many other natural disasters.

Pictured is one of the almost 700 meltwater rivers. This one shows a 400 foot waterfall.

Travis, Hay Counties Team Up To Help Mitigate Future Natural Disaster Effects

This article is about how two counties in a flood prone area to texas have teamed up to mitigate future disasters. Josh Davies, who is the Travis county executive of emergency services said “The comprehensive scope and collaborative nature of the agreement will bring together subject matter experts and elected officials from various disciplines and communities to strategically problem-solve,” and“The secondary networks and relationships that will emerge from this planning effort will pay dividends for years to come while improving the safety and quality of life for those who live, work and transit through Travis and Hays County.” This mitigation plan that the communities have put together shows how people will work together to stop disasters from becoming a catastrophe before it happens.


Climate Change Reroutes Yukon River

Due to increasing global temperatures, one of Canada’s largest glaciers, the Kaskawulsh Glacier, has been thinning and retreating at a rapid pace. Most of the natural melt water from the glacier used to flow into the Yukon river. Things have changed though due to the glacier retreating. The glacier now flows into the Alsek River. Although this has not caused any significant damage yet, I am writing about it because it has the potential to cause massive problems. The Alsek RIver has never before had to hold this much water, which will make the surrounding areas much more susceptible to floods. Areas near the Yukon river that had used it as a water supply are already facing problems with water. Vacation homes on the Yukon are being abandoned, hurting the local economy. These are just the first things in a long line of bad things that could happen.

70 reports of storm damage filed in Eaton County through new online system

Although the windstorm in Eaton County, Michigan was not big enough to garner national attention, it was the first big event that could be reported through a new online reporting tool that Eaton County has made public. Reports including things like downed power lines, missing roof shingles and tree and branch damage. County official Arron Brown said that the tools allow them to see the preliminary damage, so they can get an idea of the impact of the event they’re working with.  The program also includes a rating system so users can rate how damaged something is, and since the program is linked to a map, it helps clean up teams know where they have to go first and where will be most effective. The program has made helped save the county save money and money.


Bush Fires in New South Wales , Australia.

On friday, hot and windy conditions came to New South Wales Australia and a quick blaze started. The RFS (rural fire service) sent out a notice to residents in the vulnerable area to find safe shelter. So far, 15 homes have been lost to the fires and officials expect the number to rise. Officials say that they have trouble controlling these fires because they are unpredictable, and when it’s dry, start with very little warning. The RFS uses a variety of tactics to keep the fires under control and eventually put them out. They use firetrucks, firemen on the ground and aircraft .Fires are not uncommon in this area of Australia. The flat ground, low lying shrubs and dry, hot climate makes it the ideal place for a forest fire. So far, the only injury from the fires so far is a fireman.