Current Events Assignment

Objectives: To document & discuss any hazardous event or disaster that occurs during THIS semester, using the Hazards Blog; to have students pay attention to current events and specifically hazardous events.

Grading: To get the full 10%, you must post at least 10 times during the semester, before the deadline of April 18th. I will record grades about Feb 25 and March 21 so you can monitor your progress.


  • Most commonly, a post is new information about a disaster from a news organization: link to the source where you found the information, and say something about it. (e.g. this volcano has begun an eruption; people are being evacuated)
  • A post might be an update to an original report made by another student – so reference the original post, and add to the information (e.g. the eruption has caused poisonous gas clouds and ash to rain down on the community)
  • If you cannot find new information, you might post a question, for example about ongoing responses to the disaster; if you have a personal experience, you could add that.
  • You could also relate an ongoing disaster to one of the 5 fundamental concepts of our text, or to something we have discussed in class.

I will grade for quality – so a simple question won’t count the same as an in-depth discussion of how a consequential event occurred… while ‘simple’ posts still count, and you may post more of them to gain points…

In the event that there are few new disasters this spring, I will post some older material and ask questions for your responses.

If you want to get started, look at the old posts!