Winter Storm Ursa Dumps Snow on Higher Elevations; Denver Officials Prepare for Impacts

Hold your horses, it’s not spring everywhere yet. Winter Storm Ursa is supposed to drop inches of snow on high elevation cities like Denver and Amarillo. Parts of Wyoming have already received up to 2 feet of snow, forcing a few roads and even a highway to shutdown because of blockage and dangerous conditions. Denver is on the move and is mobilizing preparation efforts so that they are better equipped for when Ursa finally hits. Numerous events including a golf championship are expected to be cancelled because of the projected snowfall in Colorado and the Texas Panhandle. It is always interesting to see how towns and cities handle late season snowfall, whether or not they had already shifted to a spring oriented mindset.

This man in Wyoming seems excited about the late season wonderland and appears to have the appropriate vehicles for the occasion to boot.


Happy Spring!!!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Storm Ursa Dumps Snow on Higher Elevations; Denver Officials Prepare for Impacts

  1. Wow, snow at this time of year is unheard of! I did not know that Colorado and Wyoming were experiencing such extreme winter weather. It seems as though weather patterns are becoming more and more bizarre all throughout the country.

  2. This reminds me of the chilly days we had just last week. For some reason, the weather is becoming more and more unpredictble, switching between extremley warm days to extremley cold ones. I suppose their version of extremely cold can encompass snow as well, but to me it seems like a direct result of global warming.

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