Wet Pacific Northwest

Since October 1, 2016, Astoria, Oregon has had 167 days of rain– 80% of the days in the past six months. The Pacific Northwest has had a particularly wet and gloomy winter, even for their standards. The 167 days of rain in the past six months broke the record number of days with measurable rain for Astoria.

While Astoria takes the prize for most rainfall in the six month period, Seattle and Portland have both been missing the sun, with Portland having 147 rainy days in six months, and Seattle has only had eight clear sky days in that time. However, Seattle has broken their record for the wettest October-April in existence, with total rainfall reaching 44.67 inches. This is only a few inches from the yearly record of 49.17 inches, and there are still eight months for rainfall totals to surpass that number.

The Pacific Northwest should be getting a break from wet and dreary weather, as rainfall is expected to be fairly average throughout the month of May, hopefully meaning more sunny days.


One thought on “Wet Pacific Northwest

  1. Wow, Oregon cannot catch a break, can it?? I would personally hate that much rain because to me, rain puts people in a bad mood. It’s crazy to think that major cities in the west coast are flooded by rainy days, when we see very little compared to them, and still find time to complain about how hard we have it. 44 inches of rainfall in Seattle is nothing short of insane, let me tell you that!! I’ve always been attracted at working in Silicon Valley and nearby areas, but this may steer me away!

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