Strong Earthquake Hits Near the Philippines

A strong earthquake hit tonight right off of the coast of Mindanao measuring to be 7.2. People have been advised to stay away form the coast as much as possible incase of more seismic activity and also incase of large waves that could inflict damage. So far there have been no immediate reports of severe damage or casualties, so hopefully it stays that way. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported that there was a huge risk for large waves that could extend out to 190 miles. The Philippines weren’t too concerned about this earthquake because due to their location around the ring of fire. The Philippines are used to getting large earthquakes every year so a 7.2 earthquake that hit off the coast, which didn’t inflict a lot of damage didn’t concern the authorities too much. They even decided against sending out a tsunami warning, believing it wasn’t necessary. The earthquake;s epicenter also was incredibly deep in the ocean, making it more difficult to feel the earthquake on land.


One thought on “Strong Earthquake Hits Near the Philippines

  1. One has to imagine that these deep sea earthquakes, while somewhat powerful, happen extremely frequently and often go unnoticed by the majority of the surrounding population. Additionally, I wonder what level of earthquake and in what location would warrant an actual tsunami warning. On a kind of comedic but also sort of genuinely curious note, I’m curious as to whether or not anyone (albeit recklessly) tries to surf these swells that are caused by the earthquake. They’re obviously not tsunami level but are they necessarily fatal?

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