Snow Storm Expected In the U.S. Plans Region

Surprisingly enough, places such as Kansas, Nebraska, Eastern Colorado and the Oklahoma panhandle are likely to get a huge amount of snow this weekend. Places such as Kansas and Nebraska are expected to get between two and eight inches of snow but Colorado and Oklahoma are expected to get around a foot of snow. An agricultural meteorologist explains that it is not that uncommon for these areas to be getting snow this time of the year but its the amount of snow expected is unusual. Because of the cold temperatures reaching those regions, it is expected to damage 20% of the regions wheat crop for the harvest season. Flooding is also a risk for the area because with snow comes the water when the snow melts and farmers are worried about all of their crops failing. Temperatures are then expected to reach the 70’s which should help dry up some of the rain and snow expected to fall. This article really made me think about the cause of the rapid temperature changes and I am wondering why there is so much snow falling in this time of the year. Although the temperature doesn’t seem out of the blue, the amount is because this region often doesn’t tend to drop this much snow. I am also curious to know if farmers change the way they plant their crops in the future due to these natural occurrences as a way of protecting their crops and livelihoods.


One thought on “Snow Storm Expected In the U.S. Plans Region

  1. I didn’t realize that the “Plans” were a region in the United States ha ha. I had read about this system as well but I didn’t pick up on the impact that it would have on agriculture in the upcoming harvest season. To answer your inquiry, I feel like this amount of snowfall at this late in the season is probably rare enough for them to not make permanent adjustments to their planting schedules. Although that is interesting. I never think about the impact weather has on agriculture in general and I imagine that is probably a really significant factor

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