Heat in Beijing

Beijing is currently experiencing higher than average temperatures, with record breaking heat expected tomorrow. Reporters on the ground say the weather feels more like summer than spring, and the 90 degree F weather they saw today is usually not seen until August. Luckily, humidity is low so the heat index will not get too high. Residents are advised to drink plenty of water and reduce time outdoors.

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2 thoughts on “Heat in Beijing

  1. I can’t imagine having to deal with that level of heat in a city as crowded, condensed, and polluted as Beijing. I wonder what kind of effect the heat has on air quality because I know that Beijing periodically has to issue warnings about the levels of smog in the air and whether or not it’s advisable for citizens to be out and about for extended periods of time. I suppose the fact that the humidity is low means that the air is less heavy and is holding on to less of the pollutants that are being produced by those millions and millions of people.

  2. I imagine that the cause of this heat could easily be the huge leels of smog in the city, no? There have already been publicized photos, most likely to the displeasure of the Cinese government, of the astronomical levels of smog. To the point that the residents of the city must wear masks to avoid getting sick themselves. This increase in heat seems like the natural progression of things reuslting in their disregard for enviromentally sound behaviors.

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