Flooding to Endanger Lives and Property in Central US

During and after severe thunderstorm events, flooding will be a major threat over thousands of square miles for states in the central US.  A general 3-6 inches of rain will fall from parts of the southern Plains to the middle Mississippi Valley this weekend.  Widespread flash, urban, and small river floods are likely throughout the area.  The ground is saturated and river and stream levels are already high because of prior rainfall.  “Heavy rain and thunderstorms will form a train over the St. Louis area this weekend, increasing the threat of flooding,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Dean DeVore.  A surge of water is also expected on the middle and lower Mississippi river and the lower part of the Ohio River next week.

Static Flooding 9am



One thought on “Flooding to Endanger Lives and Property in Central US

  1. http://www.starherald.com/news/nation_world/the-latest-child-dies-from-electric-shock-in-floodwater/article_749004cc-eb79-57a1-adfb-a3772e93f899.html

    The link above gives the rundown of all the deaths associated with this system passing through Mississippi. The most recent update is about a 7-yr old boy who was killed by electric shock will in the flood-water. A little further down (all today), talks about a 2-yr old little girl who was killed when a soccer goal was blown over.

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