Flooding Hits North Carolina… Again

There is even more flooding taking place in eastern counties of North Carolina, as a result of a storm which left 8 inches of water behind. Currently there are flood warnings for 15 different counties, and schools in Edgecombe county are closed today. Forecasters report that these rivers are the source of the flooding in their regions:

  • Along cape fear for Duplin, Bladen, and Pender counties
  • Tar river for Greenville, Rocky Mountain, and Tarboro
  • Roanoke River at Roanoke Rapids and the Neuse River for Goldsboro, Kinston, and Smithfield
  • Lumber River in Lumberton

Flooding is bad enough in Tarboro, that the American Red Cross has been called in and has set up a shelter there.

This seems to be a system of really bad river flooding, but it makes sense because 8 inches of rain is a lot. That much water in such a short period of time, definitely has a huge impact, even though 8 inches does not sound like a lot. The article did not speak of any damages, water levels, or any injuries, but I would be surprised if there were not later reports on all of these. North Carolina is a coastal state, and because most of this flooding took place in eastern counties of the state, I would hope that they would be fairly prepared to handle flooding. The article though does mention that one county had to close schools, but it did not say that they were necessarily closed because of flooding. These schools could have closed because of flooding, downed power lines, or moved debris. This just proves that rain is a potential hazard, and that all rivers including the 5 listed above all flood.


2 thoughts on “Flooding Hits North Carolina… Again

  1. I posted about North Carolina flooding a few days ago and I know then there had been on fatality because of the flooding and now I think they have discovered another fatality. I used to live in North Carolina, in an eastern county (not one you mentioned) and although they are very used to hurricanes I didn’t experience that much flooding when I lived there. However with all that water around them I’m not surprised that they are having flood issues. The schools probably did close because of the flooding, they probably don’t want buses driving on flooded roads.

  2. The amount of flooding that is hitting North Carolina is crazy… The fact that they have 5 rivers that are responsible for their flooding is baffling. I never thought of North Carolina to be a state of flooding, but rather other cities and states on the west coast that are more prone to rainfall. I too would not be surprised if more reports were issued about how the flooding as affected nearby counties and the individuals who reside there!

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