Case Study Summary_ Housman

I choose to do my case study on the May, 2011 Tornado in Joplin, Missouri.

This event was especially important to me because I lived 30 minutes away from Joplin at the time. It is recorded as one of the worst tornado events in history and remains since its occurrence one of the most dangerous and costly tornados. The city was rebuilt fairly quickly, many homes and businesses that were completely leveled were rebuilt fully within two years. An issue that I learned about this event in my research was a bacteria, that was like a flesh eating disease that was affecting a lot of people in the area after. I had no clue before. The stories from the tornado were especially sad because the cities high school graduation was held only an hour or so before and many families were in the restaurants on the main path of the tornado. It was a Sunday afternoon so many church congregations were out to eat as well. The population in this area is not particularly vulnerable, but many didn’t have advanced notice of the storm. The sirens went off, but tornado sirens are really a last minute effort and are not meant to be heard in a house or building. One of the hospitals was also struck by the tornado and probably had the most vulnerable populations in it at the time.

Some of the links I am adding have interesting time lapse photos to look at.



2 thoughts on “Case Study Summary_ Housman

  1. It is very cool that you got to choose a case study based on having an actual connection with the storm and being within a close range of the storm. It sounds like there was no preparation because the storm was announced so late. It is so devastating that this storm occurred when the population was mostly out and not in safe sheltering. I wonder what mitigation they have made since then and if their warning systems have gotten any better. This was a really interesting case study to hear about. I had no idea that it had even occurred and what the damages were. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You chose a very interesting topic. It is unique that such an event happened so close to you and you witnessed the recovery personally. The tornado was deviating and the community probably hasn’t fully recovered based on how recent it is . I wish you talked more about the event in the post summary but I am sure you covered it in detail on the actual report.

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