6.9 Magnitutude Earthquake hits Chile

The strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit about 85 miles off the west coast of Chile on Monday, April 24.  Fortunately, the “quake-prone” nation was spared from any damage.  Although the epicenter of the earthquake was quite far from land, its focus was quite shallow, thus allowing it to be felt hundred of miles away.  If this earthquake had been closer to land, the 6.9 magnitude could have been responsible for much more sever damage.

The nations tsunami alarm even sounded during the earthquake since the quake hit out at sea.  At one clinic just north of Valparaiso, “people ran from the facility carrying children” and some of them headed for the hills to be above sea level if a tsunami did hit.  Officials soon cancelled the tsunami warning.

There were no reports of structural damage, but some cellphone networks were down.


4 thoughts on “6.9 Magnitutude Earthquake hits Chile

  1. Being honest, I never knew that Chile was so “quake-prone”, but it makes so much sense to me now. I’m surprised that they didn’t experience any damage due to how close they are to the coast. I feel like being that close to the coast would make every natural disaster hit them so brutally. I do find it interesting that the tsunami alarm sounded even though the country was spared from any damage.

  2. Earthquakes like this have always interest me. When the earthquake is along the sea with the possibility of a tsunami, It makes me curious as to why there is not more attention to the event. Many people can be affected by a Tsunamki, and although they ran drills, I feel like more could have been done as a precaution.

  3. How I understood it was that the tsunami alarm sounded simply because there was an earthquake off the coast so near to the city; the alarm may have been more as a precaution, to warn people that the tsunami could be a potential result.

  4. I second that first thought that I never really thought of Chile as an earthquake prone nation but more as a big exporter of wine to the US. The fact that is situated right on the west coast of South America and right on that fault is interesting. If the earthquakes are occurring right beneath you, is there a significant threat of tsunami? In my mind I imagine the shockwave sending sending these massive energy waves outwards across the sea.

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