Wildfires in the plains leave behind drought


A section of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas have been suffering from either near-drought conditions or drought for the past 6 months. Then, with the additon of the March fires that bruned nearly 2,100 square miles in those four states. The fire also burned more than 20,000 livestock and cattle and destroyed $500 million worth of property during that time. The threat of drought is omnipresent in this region, but these recent ones have been so extended that the winter wheat crop is now threatened.

The June forcast is for the drought to persist in a crecent-shaped region from northeastern Colorado, across southwestern Kansas and into central Oklahoma. The drought is also expected worsen the most in the Texas Panhandle. If it continues as it, then the catt;e and livestock will not have any grass to graze in, causing mass losses with the farmers.

One thought on “Wildfires in the plains leave behind drought

  1. I think droughts are highly underrated in terms of their devastation. A lack of water kills plants, animals, and even humans in extreme cases. It is super important that we get major droughts under control to the best of our abilities in order to save as many plant and animal species as possible.

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