Tornadoes in the south

Multiple tornadoes were spotted today in Arkansas and Georgia as a serve thunderstorm continues to make its way across the south today. One EF0 tornado passed through Yell county, Arkansas with sustained winds of 85 mph.  “The tornado’s path was half a mile long and it measured about 50 yards in length.” The tornado caused some damage but most the knocked down trees and damaged homes were the result of stronger straight line winds. Two other tornadoes occurred in Montgomery and Pike counties. The tornadoes knocked over trees and damaged power lines and homes. One person was injured when a tornado touched down in Talbot County, Georgia. Three homes were damaged and a large amount of trees were snapped in half or knocked down. A small EF0 tornado touched down in Holdenville, Oklahoma Thursday evening with sustained winds of 68-85 mph.

Highway 223 in Banks area. (Source: Shana Hussey)