Nigeria issues “hazardous” weather warning to pilots

 On Wednesday Nigeria issued a warning to all pilots and airline operators in the country to comply with directives on the recent inherent danger associated with severe thunder storms in the country. It was based on the 2017 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency.  The hazards are micro-burst, low level wind shears and hail events.


2 thoughts on “Nigeria issues “hazardous” weather warning to pilots

  1. I think the agency issued the warning because they just had an incident on the 29th of this month where two airlines collided on the ground, leading to both of the planes being grounded for a couple days and a lose of “24 flights per day.” The country as a whole is trying to make air-travel safer by rolling out new compliance standards so this warning is right in line with their overall mission. Unfortunately, the push to make money and fear of change are making these efforts difficult.

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