Ethiopian’s Facing Massive Hunger Due to the Drought

Overall the number of Ethiopian’s needing food aid has surged to more than 2 million from 5.6 million solely because of the drought. Previously the United Nations fought to get $900 million in aid for the horn of Africa to help them especially due to lack of food and water. In many of the areas of agriculture in Ethiopia the crops are failing during each harvest season. The reason the crops are failing is a lack of water and is becoming is severe problem now being looked into by the head of National Disaster Risk Management Commission. The number of people in need of water and food has now risen to 7.7 million people, requiring 432,000 tonnes of food solely until the end of the year. Ethiopia’s economy is on the rise currently but its economy still relies heavily on agriculture and if so many crops are failing what is to happen to the people that rely on their crops for money? The agriculture industry in Ethiopia employs over three quarters of the population so if these drought continue, it could really change the country as a whole.

After reading the article I was curious to know the causes of the drought. Does it have to do with global warming or is this just a characteristic of the region? I also wonder if this my change the focus of the economy and begin to create different things that are more suitable to the location.