Wildfire in Arizona Due to Dry, Windy Weather

Strong winds have made it difficult for firefighters to get Arizona’s Sawmill wildfire under control.  Residents of the small town Sonoita have been ordered to evacuate as the fire burns through the Santa Rita Mountains.  “As we were evacuating, the fire jumped the road right as my family was crossing,” Green Valley Fire District Chief Chuck Wunder told KGUN.

About 300 fire personnel are battling the fire, which was 7 percent contained as of yesterday afternoon; those said 300 includes five hotshot crews, 20 fire engines, five air tankers and three helicopters.  Winds were gusting at up to 45 mph with low humidity and another round of strong winds is expected with a new storm on Friday, although no rain is expected.

The Green Valley area has seen only about 25% of its average precipitation since February 1st and along with the low humidity have created the perfect the “perfect” conditions for a wildfire.  “It only takes a cigarette flicked out of a moving vehicle” to start a fire in such weather, says a Green Valley Fire Department spokesperson. (Another great reason not to smoke cigarettes!)


3 thoughts on “Wildfire in Arizona Due to Dry, Windy Weather

  1. This article reminded me of my case study which was on a wildfire. It appears the wildfire was propelled by the regular causes including high winds, low precipitation and low humidity. One preparation that I thought was unique and interesting was that shelters were set up and accepting peoples animals when they needed to be evacuated as a way to care for their pets. You don’t often here about people setting up preparations for animals when natural disasters occur. The police department also put aside available space to animals in need of refuge.

  2. Although not weather related, that’s so cool that the shelter was accepting people’s pets and that the police department did that for other animals in need. All too often those animals are left to suffer helplessly and its awful for people to lose their pets like that – let alone at all.

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