“Crazy” Temperatures On the Way Through the US This Week

Unusually warm temperatures are expected throughout the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast in the remaining days of April as they reach into the high 80’s.  Some cities may be 10 – 20 degrees (F) above average for this time of year, and Washington DC and Philadelphia could record their first 90 degree day of the year already.  A northward “bulge” in the jet stream is the cause for this unusual warmth

In the western mountains, residents will be experiencing snow, especially in Colorado, Wyoming and northern New Mexico.  Although it is not uncommon for Colorado to have snow during April (usually accumulates about 7 inches during the month of April), the state has only gotten 0.1 inches so far, so the incoming 7 inches will be a lot to handle in the next couple days.

Severe thunderstorms are forecast along Central and Southeast for the weekend and heavy rain may potentially lead to flooding in the Central Plains and Midwest.