Coastal flood advisories along the South Jersey shore

Coastal flood advisories have been issued along the New Jersey coast and also for Delaware Bay from 6 p.m. through midnight Tuesday for widespread minor tidal flooding. Easterly winds blowing off the ocean with what the article says new moon, together make a flooding situation. The Tuesday high tide is looking to be problematic for the flooding. Rain on Tuesday with the easterly winds of more than 30 mph also threaten to cause m ore severe flooding.

Coastal flood advisory for minor tidal flooding Tuesday evening

One thought on “Coastal flood advisories along the South Jersey shore

  1. This shore hasn’t really caught a break since Hurricane Sandy obliterated it. There have been projects to rebuild the shrunken beaches but weather hazards like this counteract any efforts or progress made to restore the shore. This area is of particular interest to me because I was born in NJ and lived there until i was in third grade. Some of my major childhood memories are in locations that were destroyed by the hurricane. Seeing stories like these where flooding is doing even more damage is saddening but also worrying because tourism is so important to these areas.

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