Storms Strike Cambodia

Two people were injured and one person died as massive thunderstorms struck Cambodia on Saturday afternoon. The citizen that unfortunately was killed, was taking his cows to graze in a field and all the sudden, out of nowhere, he was struck by lightning. There happened to be a huge rainstorm that day which likely contributed to said lightning strike.

The two individuals who were injured had a house collapse on them during the lightning strike, and we immediately sent to the hospital. Reports showed that several local homes were destroyed in this disaster as well.

In a report put out by the National Committee for Disaster Management, there were a total of six people killed and nineteen people injured from January to March at the beginning of this year, with 500 houses being damaged.

More homes are being destroyed In 2017 so far then have been in 2016, which is proving to be very difficult for Cambodia.–two-hurt-in-storms/