Seattle Breaks Record

Seattle has recorded its wettest October through April since records have been kept. While this isn’t a large hazard, it is important to think about the implications of all this precipitation in regards to Global warming. Also if this trend continues there could be higher flooding and other consequences.

3 thoughts on “Seattle Breaks Record

  1. I feel like most people don’t think about how record levels of rainfall affect people and the environment in the Pacific northwest. Even though the area is prone to excessive rainfall and is fairly used to it, breaking rainfall records is bound to have an effect on river or stream levels, as well as soil and plant growth.

  2. I wonder how the record rainfall has affected the areas along side Duwamish river (the river that water from seattle drains into) a huge increase in water volume going into the river could have big effects on the river’s levees and adjacent properties.

  3. I feel like we should be finding ways to prevent this from happening and actually contributing. What exactly causes this certain disaster? And what are ways that we can help?

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