Extreme Heat Expected Later This Week for India

April 20th marked the hottest April day for New Delhi since 2010 with temperatures reaching 109.8 F at Safdarjung Airport and 112.8 F at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.  The heat is expected to fade a bit early this week but will return later in the week.  Temperatures of 100-105 F are expected in New Delhi through Thursday.  Heat waves happen every year in India but the early onset and persistence of this heat wave is very worrisome.  Millions of residents and animals are at risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.  Real relief from the heat isn’t expected until early June when the Monsoon season arrives.

India 4/23


One thought on “Extreme Heat Expected Later This Week for India

  1. I feel like it is so early for these temperatures to be this high. Is this normal? Well, as you stated. No, it is not normal. This is so scary that temperatures can reach this high and especially when they’re not supposed to. Also it’s very sad that as soon as they get over this phase of extreme heat, they’re going to have to worry about the monsoons next, even though it’s going to cool the air, it is just going to be another thing that they have to cautious of.

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