Earthquake and aftershocks hit off coast of Chile

On April 24, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 struck off the coast of Chile, which mainly affected the capital of Santiago. Two major aftershocks were felt from the earthquake,however it was determined that the quake would not cause a tsunami. Before this was determined, the coastal town of Valparaiso was meant to be evacuated, since it was the village closest from the center of the quake. Once the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center determined there would not be a tsunami, the evacuation order was lifted. Even though a 7.1 quake is considered a major earthquake, the effects were minimal and its thought to have been because the quake was centered far offshore. The aftershocks were recorded at magnitudes of 5.0 and 5.4. These were also felt in the capital city of Santiago. Even though the original quake and the aftershocks were fairly strong, only minimal structural damage was reported.

One thought on “Earthquake and aftershocks hit off coast of Chile

  1. A 7.1 magnitude, that is huge! Did the aftershocks cause more additional damage to than the earthquake? Even though they reported there would be no tsunami, I wonder if people were still concerned that one would result from the huge earthquake. Are earthquakes a common thing for this area?

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