“Unbelievable” Storm damages Colonial Beach, VA

At 7pm on Friday the 21st, heavy rain poured on Colonial Beach.  Colonial Beach Fire Department Chief David Robey said early estimates show the storm caused more than $1 million in damage to numerous houses. One house was destroyed, six severely damaged and 25 others were “impacted by the storm.”  Reports say that the storm had 70mph winds and made 3,000 homes lose power.  There were no serious injuries or deaths.

Colonial Beach storm cleanup


One thought on ““Unbelievable” Storm damages Colonial Beach, VA

  1. Even though storms like this can happen anywhere and at anytime, it is crazy to think that it happened in Colonial Beach, because you don’t normally here about disasters happening there. There were so many damages and I did a little extra research and watched a few videos on YouTube, they were terrifying to just watch, can’t imagine what it was like for the people actually experiencing it.

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