Mysterious New Crack in Greenland Glacier Revealed in NASA Photos


In Greenland a new crack has been found in one of Greenland’s biggest glaciers. This was first captured recently by NASA photography. While completing a mission in the Northwest of Greenland they were able to spot this mysterious rift. This crack is seen to be spreading closer and closer towards the middle of the ice shelf. This ice shelf could potentially end up breaking off into two shelves, but because of the “medial flowline,” it could prevent that from happening.

2 thoughts on “Mysterious New Crack in Greenland Glacier Revealed in NASA Photos

  1. I love the pictures you posted with the information! I looked a little more into this hazard because we were studying glaciers in another one of my classes and its so interesting. Often times cracks form on the edges because the ice is thinner there but in this glacier it appears the crack is going throughout the glacier including in the deeper parts. After looking into News Week’s article about this crack, scientists are expressing major concern because this could mean that there is warm water under the glacier. Unfortunately due to global warming many of the glaciers are melting and breaking apart right now which may be happening to this glacier. Scientists have said they need to do more research to truly understand what is causing this crack because since it is going in the middle and throughout the whole glacier, it is not a natural occurrence in a glacier. It is however predicted that a huge piece of the glacier will crack off, this process is called “calving”.

  2. I have always found glaciers so fascinating but have yet to see one in person. I suppose I should do that soon before the glaciers melt due to the onset of global warming. It’s interesting how the crack in the glacier could potentially reveal new information for scientists.

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