Severe Thunderstorm in D.C. area

A severe thunderstorm passed through the D.C.  area late on Friday. The small intense thunderstorm did not last long but it did cause a decent amount of damage. As the thunderstorm quickly moved through the area it produced heavy rain, quarter sized hail, strong winds, and lots of lightning. About 4,000 homes and business lost power Friday evening when the thunderstorm knocked down power lines. The hardest hit area were Takoma Park, Maryland and part of D.C. Falling trees caused damage to property and smashed cars. Lucky only minor injures were reported. Two people had to be rescued from Rock Creek State Park because of rushing water.

2 thoughts on “Severe Thunderstorm in D.C. area

  1. These thunderstorms get worse and worse. I know that before this storm, places like Fredericksburg and Culpeper were really suffering some damages due to thunderstorms. I did not know that this storm did last to long but caused this amount of damage, as you pointed out in your original post.

  2. So funny that we live so close to DC, yet I was totally unaware of this occurring… The storms that hit the DC area are usually short and brutal, which this one appears to be 100%. I cannot tell you the last time I saw quarter sized hail in the area though (I live 20 minutes away from Washington DC). The fact that any injuries were reported is somewhat of a shock to me. You would think that people know when to take cover when storms are coming, but then again DC area residents are so oblivious as to what to do in most forms of severe weather, as we never get the worst end of things.

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