Avalanche hits western Romania



There was an avalanche that hit earleir today, in the western region of the country. More specifically, it hit the¬†Retezat Mountains, which is an area popular for hiking and various winter sports. ¬†Officials reported an increase in the amount of snowfall this past winter season. The snow this year has been far more than just an increase though, it was extre,e in comparison to the past (photo in the second link), leading to today’s avalanche. Local officials warned the population that there was a high risk for an avalanche due to the inceased snow. Two teens either didn’t hear the warning or didn’t heed it and were caught in the fall. It was unclear what they were doing there, either skiiing or hiking, but the rescue workers pulled them out of the wreckage. Emergency situations chief Raed Arafat was the one to relay all this information to the Associated Press in the aftermath of the tragedy. Arafat mentioned that the conditions were too bad for even a helicopter to arrive safely in the affected area.