32+ Wild Fires Rage Across Florida

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has come to the aid of Florida at the request of Governor Rick Scott since Forest Service crews started battling 32+ wildfires across the state.  Three wildfires have been particularly damaging so far.  Authorities evacuated about 800 homes during Polk County’s Red Grange wildfire, about 2,000 homes during Lee County’s Ann Avenue wildfire and about 6,000 homes during Collier County’s Frangipani wildfire.  Collier County has already been reported on by a classmate, but I wanted to highlight that fires are rampant in Florida this month.  The map below details the locations of wildfires currently burning.

A map detailing the location of wildfires being fought by Forest service crews across the state of Florida.

Read more at the following link:  http://www.local10.com/news/florida/florida-firefighters-face-at-least-32-wildfires