Severe Thunderstorms in Arkansas and Oklahoma

Severe thunderstorms are causing hail, possible tornadoes, and damaging winds in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The thunderstorms were predicted to have straight line winds, large hail, and possibly create tornadoes. The severe thunderstorms will pass through Arkansas and Oklahoma in two rounds. The first set of storms was moving through Arkansas as of 2:00 pm this afternoon. So far the storm has knocked down tree branches and caused flooding. The second round of thunderstorms will pass through Arkansas late this afternoon and evening and will be gone by Saturday morning. Wind gusts up to 70 mph are expected in addition to 1 to 3 inches of rain in certain areas. Flood warning have also been issued for central Oklahoma. Last night and earlier today severe supercell thunderstorms caused damage in Texas. The thunderstorms are part of a multiple day serve weather event that is crossing the south this weekend.

Friday's Thunderstorm Forecast