Cyclone Cook Strikes New Zealand

Last week a strong cyclone struck New Zealand causing landslides, power outages and even tons of trees falling creating a lot of destruction. Many people abandoned their villages. Thankfully most followed the safety directions to get out of there as the villages were hit with huge waves from the shoreline. The civil defense staff immediately asked people to evacuate and closed schools and office buildings. There was even public transport for those trying to evacuate. Thousands upon thousands of homes lost electricity and there were huge amounts of wind. There was also a lot of flooding as a result and they declared a states of emergency in some of the cities.


One thought on “Cyclone Cook Strikes New Zealand

    According to BBC, there had been a plethora of accounts of peoples’ near misses with debris like uprooted trees and the like. Those reports came from the 114 people staying in a civil defense center run by the Red Cross through the midst of the storm. In addition,the Unison power company reported that about 11,000 people were without power for a time starting around 2 am local time the day of the cyclone.

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