Classrooms Reopen in Cuba After Hurricane Matthew

Who ever thought that Cuba would still be suffering from Hurricane Matthew, that happened several months ago? This hurricane was the strongest recorded hurricane to hit the area of Guantanamo in Cuba. One thing that Cuba did outstandingly well, was that they kept in the forefront of their minds the safety of all of their children.

Among many things, Cuba kept material damage low, and there was no loss of  human life, which is incredible. This allowed the affected communities to focus on recovery and make sure students could get back into their classrooms as soon as they possibly could.

Reports showed that this disaster was so bad for students and younger kids, because they had never seen anything like it before. The bottom line that Cuba was trying to convey is that prevention is better than cure.

Cuba was able to find alternative housing for those who’s current living arrangements did not meet standards. Family centers and institutions were primarily used as alternative learning spaces, which made it so that classes could resume as soon as possible.