Quebec Flood Watch After Heavy Rainfall

Pincourt firefighters use sandbags as a precautionary measure, to shore-up land from the rising waters of the Ottawa river around homes located on Chemin Duhamel in Pincourt on Monday April 17, 2017.

According to a news article posted on April 17th, 2017, heavy rainfall has Quebec on watch after heavy rainfalls. Rainfall from Sunday has caused large bodies of water to rise and also flooding to spread. It was reported that streams and rivers in the area have reached their water capacities. Over the next few days it is expected that these water levels will continue to rise or they could potentially do the opposite and proceed to slow down. Because of the steady rain it has caused many routes to close due to the excessive amounts of rainfall and flooding.

One thought on “Quebec Flood Watch After Heavy Rainfall

  1. Intrestingly enough because of the heavy rainfalls and flooding, erosion began to occur from the run off, causing a sink hole. Due to the sinkhole they had to close down one road but we able to open it back up later Monday afternoon. Overall it appears that their response time was quite fast because altered roads can cause difficulties for people to continue their day to day lives. The authorities were able to reopen almost all roads again after 24 hours. I also found that this has been a concern for everyone living around the area because many of the larger rivers have been higher than ever all year. I am wondering if global warming has anything to do with it or if it is just from an overall increase of precipitation. It makes sense though that the officials in Quebec were so prepared because they could already predict that this may be a possible problem. It is speculated that because of higher amounts of precipitation all year along with the big annual spring thaw that faces the area are the reasons for the large amount of flooding.

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