India is Turning Up the Heat


Isn’t it always awesome to have a vacation start early?? I know I always loved it when my parents pulled me out of school a few days early to travel to see family or whatever the occasion was. In India, the beginning of this vacation meant something completely different. A massive heat wave struck India, causing an early summer to occur.

Central India forced several of their State Governments to issue heatwave warnings, and to begin to take precautionary measures. Chhattisgarh, the 10th largest state in India, sent out a letter for all administration directed at all primary and upper primary schools yesterday to change their timings and to reduce their working hours, due to this heatwave.

The Madhya Pradesh government took similar measures and decided to close all schools in that particular state from April 19th.  In another state, Odisha, they have seen 14 alleged deaths due to this heatwave, but only 2 have been confirmed.

The temperatures that have been recorded throughout this heatstroke have been insane, to say the least. The high temperatures have been mostly confined to 5 states, but still have affected many individuals.