Cyclone Cook

In New Zealand, there was a lot of damage from Cyclone Cook including lost power and terrain damage. Due to Cyclone Debbie, the residents took action before Cyclone Cook would become deadly. They took the matter very seriously and took precautions against the potential damage. Outside assistance was scheduled for remote areas in advance so that they had time to recover. In a Video that is imbedded in the article page, a weather Radar Demonstrates the gravity of the situation as it makes landfall.Ā 

2 thoughts on “Cyclone Cook

  1. Now, post storm it is interesting how New Zealand is handling the clean up and loss of property and food. There were many homes and especially farms destroyed due to the cyclone so the government has added $450,000 into storm reparations. The category storm apparently tore through the land destroying many homes, buildings, power lines and up rooting crops and trees. The President, Mr. Germain, is hoping that the French high commission will establish this storm as a natural disaster in order to get more aid and emergency teams to help with the restoration. Plans are still being put together to help the many farmers who are now struggling to survive because their farms were totally destroyed. For some that could change their future drastically.

  2. To what extent did the cyclone damage the terrain? It’s a really good thing that people seemed to be so prepared for this storm due to the previous one. This storm sounds absolutely insane. Also it is very nice that they are offering assistance before the storms occur.

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