We could potentially have the first subtropical storm named in April since 2003

Between Bermuda and the Azores, a low pressure system is churning. It has been dubbed Invest 91L by the National Hurricane Center, which uses this type of naming convention for features that look like they could eventually become a tropical depression or storm. The system is currently producing gale force winds which means 39 mph or greater and seas as high as 40 feet have been reported. There are still a number of things acting against the escalation of this system, however. The seas in the area are not particularly warm (upper 60s).

The official hurricane season goes from June 1st to November 30th. A subtropical cyclone like the one this system could create if the right conditions come together is very rare as early as April, the last one occurring 14 years ago in 2003. Before Ana in 2003, there are no official named tropical storms since the beginning of the records in 1851!