Climate Change Reroutes Yukon River

Due to increasing global temperatures, one of Canada’s largest glaciers, the Kaskawulsh Glacier, has been thinning and retreating at a rapid pace. Most of the natural melt water from the glacier used to flow into the Yukon river. Things have changed though due to the glacier retreating. The glacier now flows into the Alsek River. Although this has not caused any significant damage yet, I am writing about it because it has the potential to cause massive problems. The Alsek RIver has never before had to hold this much water, which will make the surrounding areas much more susceptible to floods. Areas near the Yukon river that had used it as a water supply are already facing problems with water. Vacation homes on the Yukon are being abandoned, hurting the local economy. These are just the first things in a long line of bad things that could happen.