Several Severe Storm Predicted to Hit West Michigan

Today there are expected severe storms bringing in thunder, hail, heavy rain and a small chance of tornados. The strong storm surge is expected to enter the warm air system in west Michigan this morning. There will be around 3 different storms passing through, the first is expected to just be light showers and will end mid morning. The next storm to arrive in Michigan is likely to be more brutal. The second storm will come along the cold frontal passage and will likely last until 9pm tonight. Threats of this storm include heavy rain, hail and severe lightening; many people who live where the storm is expected to hit are advised to stay indoors and take precautions. There is a slight chance of tornados but not very likely.

The Storm Prediction Center predicts that the West Michigan is at slight risk for severe whether, which means that some aspects of the storm can be severe but not all.

Based on another weather forecast website, the region expecting to get hit by severe weather is now under marginal risk for severe weather, which means the risk is gradually decreasing. Areas such as Flint and the Northern Thumb are at highest places of risk based on levels of poverty but also the path of the storm.